How to name a stuffed animal

How to name a stuffed animal.
This is Cheburashka made after the popular Russian cartoon character.

Every fan of stuffed animals has had the same trouble. How to name a stuffed animal?

There are so many choices and even if mainly toys, there’s a connection and you just have to pick the right name. You can’t just change it every now and then. Well, you can, but it wouldn’t feel right, right?

There are many ways which can help you pick a name for a stuffed animal. We tried to put them together in one place to help you choose the best one.


How to name a stuffed animal

The obvious thing is when you already have a few favorite names in mind or the toy actually comes with one. But when your collection gets bigger, tha list of favorite names quickly ends.

Picking a name is all about your creativity. You can go with something classic, a normal name or you can think of something entirely unique. In many cases you will come up with a nickname of some sorts made after the original name. Keep that in mind. You may like Bronto for a dinosaur toy for example but you may not like people calling it Bro later on.

Sometimes the name can be derived from the features of the toy. A toy with a big head could become Bubbly for example. Or the name can come with the toy’s character or history. A stuffed animal who likes football for example can be Footy.

Some toys are made for specfic holidays. This can too give you ideas. A Valentines day toy can be called Vali, Lovejoy and etc.

You can also name a stuffed animal after favorite items or places. If you’ve bought a souvenir from London for example, you can name the stuffed animal after the city or the landmark you bought it at. But be careful. While Westminister or Trafalgar may sound classy people might be confused if you refer to the toy as “The eye”.

Still having trouble choosing the right name? Ask for help. Sometimes the best ideas come up when a lot of heads are thinking. Be sure to drop by our forum where you can get help to name a stuffed animal.