Mr. Bean celebrates 25 years for the show with Teddy Bear

Mr. Bean celebrates 25 years for the show with Teddy BearThe ever so popular Mr. Bean has just celebrated the 25th Anniversary of his show. For that he took his trusty Teddy bear and went in the center of London.

There Mr. Bean, played by Rowan Atkinson of course, was with his Mini and recreated one of his most popular scenes – driving the Mini on a chair on its roof. Yes, he did arrive by driving the Mini by himself!┬áThe car was down to the finest details with the only addition being a #MrBean25 hashtag on the side. It seems that even Mr. Bean is keeping up with the times and technology.

While that may be the case, he was still with his beloved stuffed friend – Teddy who also came along for the ride. “Well it’s fantastic. I mean I’m known in Brighton and Birmingham, literally all over the world I’m known which is fantastic. It’s sweet, it’s flattering, but it hasn’t gone to my head”, Mr. Bean said in front of the Buckingham Palace where he went to surprise the crowd.

Asked how else he’ll be celebrating the milestone, he added: “Well I’m just going to have a small birthday party. It’s just me and my friend Teddy.” Even so, he had quite a big pile of presents waiting.

He also received a big birthday cake with 25 written on it. It wasn’t long though before he got a bit bored and irritated by all of the attention. Check out the video of his celebration via Reuters.

So, once again, Happy 25th Anniversary Mr. Bean… and Teddy of course.