Motorcycle fans held the 23rd annual Teddy Bear Ride

Motorcycle fans held the 23rd annual Teddy Bear RideMotorcycle fans in Trussville, Ala held the 23rd Annual Teddy Bear Ride. The ride is a special fundraiser for the Big Oak Ranch which helps children in need.

The Big Oak Ranch is a special place which gives children which have grown up in bad circumstances a second chance. The ranch need funds, along with toys and stuffed animals, to continue to function.

The annual Teddy Bear Ride takes place every first weekend of each year. It’s completely free to take part.

All you need is a motorcycle and a teddy bear or a stuffed animal. The type of the motorcycle is not important, at all.

People who don’t want to take part in the Teddy Bear Ride or don’t have a bike, can watch and can also go to the Big Oak Ranch and donate in person. They can also donate teddy bears and stuffies to the bikers.

The ride started at Riders Harley-Davidson in Trussville and finished at the Girls’ Home in Springville. There the collected teddy bears made their way to the Ranch.

It’s another great way for the community to help out those in need. Also, it shows once again that stuffed animals are more than just toys. They often are the main reason for such events which then expand into bigger and greater things.