Most popular types of stuffed animals

The basic types of stuffed animals
This stuffed dog is a souvenir from Las Vegas.

There are quite a few types of stuffed animals around. They differ by many criteria and basically have no actual limits as it depends on the type of animal, type of size, used materials and etc.

Still, there are a few common types that generally can be used as a way do bring some order to the stuffed animal kingdom that rules so many homes. We will try to give you a brief tour around the most popular types of stuffed animals in the next few paragraphs.


The most popular types of stuffed animals

We begin with the sizes. There are no actual scales as other… models in the various types of collecting. The manufacturers are free to produce the stuffed toys the way they want them to be.

Usually the stuffies are seperated by the used materials. There are plush toys, cloth toys, there are even toys that mimic a certain type of fur.

Next up is the types of stuffing. They can be stuffed with various kinds of foam, cotton, different kinds of fiber, even hay, straw, wool. There are also the so called beanies that are stuffed with different grains, plastic pellets or other. There are also stuffed toys that combine one or more types of stuffing.

Others have extra components like wire frames, movable joints, electronic components and etc. Some more complex stuffed toys even have motors and can move about or perform various actions.

Another type is the so called cloth dolls or rag dolls. They are usually pretty basic at the begining of their lives and sometimes actually are created by the person who owns them. They generally use foam or cotton stuffing and textile wrapping. Their faces and other details can be added by drawing, sewing on and etc.

The new generation of stuffed animals

This stuffed rabbit can talk and sing and is made to represent one of the main characters from the popular animated series Nu, Pogodi.

For years and years our stuffed friends were relatively quiet. But the new times and technologies are giving them more and more options to express themselves in various ways.

Some of the new types of stuffed animals are using computer chips and speakers which allow them to wirelessly connect to your smartphone via an app. This way they can be controlled from the phone and speak, sing, tell stories.

Other stuffies use sensors and are sensitive to the touch. They can perfom various actions, play along, even have moods. Some even have lights and other accessories. The possibilities are becoming more and more endless.

The biggest classic

Of course the most common way to differ the types of stuffed animals are by their actual animal friends, meaing dogs, cats, wild animals, farm animals and etc. Another popular way is by popular characters from movies, books, games.

Stuffies are also popular as souvenirs so that’s another easy to remember category. Some manufacturers try to make their stuffed toys as close to the real animals as possible. Other are using their fantasy and are making them in various colors, shapes and sizes. Basically this is one of the times where the old cliche holds ground: there’s something for absolutely everybody.

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