More than 30 million toys which were Christmas gifts are already neglected

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More than 30 million toys which were Christmas gifts are already neglectedToys are the most popular Christmas gift for kids all over the world. Despite that, they are also the most quickly to get neglected, a survey shows.

The UK toy subscription service Whirli and Sapio Research carried out the survey in the UK. It shows that over 30 million toys gifted for Christmas are already neglected within three months, The National reports.

And that figure is for the UK alone! One of the reasons is the sheer excess of gifts. The survey shows that UK kids on average received 21 new toys. And that’s despite 56% of parents saying toy prices are too high.

With such a toy overload is not surprising that kids quickly lose interest in some of the toys they get. It’s expected that kids won’t enjoy all toys in the same manner.

“The scale of gifts already neglected in the UK following the Christmas period indicates a huge disparity between Christmas gifting and what households with kids can actually handle or make use of,” says Nigel Phan, founder and CEO of Whirli.

Parents agree. 77% of parents say toys clutter the home. 69% say they feel their kids have too many toys. So… maybe, don’t buy so much toys? The survey also shows that during the year about 15% of all toys are neglected and forgotten within days. So, it’s better to pick less toys and more carefully, so that the kids actually want them and enjoy them. Not just because the neighbor kid has that toy, too.