More firefighters and police treat trauma with stuffed animals

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More firefighters and police treat trauma with stuffed animals

Stuffed animals can have a very comforting effect over children that have been victims or witnessed something bad. This is why police and firefighters use them more and more.

We have written before for the effects stuffed animals can have on curing depression and helping dealing with trauma. These effects are real. Stuffies really do help. This is why it is no surprise to us to hear that more and more firefighters and police are using them as Quad-City Times reports.

The Davenport police station for example has begun a toy program. “Toys are comfort. They can help a child forget their misery in an emergency,” says Davenport Police Chief Don Schaeffer, an advocate of the toy program.

We always have toys ready in the rigs. If there is an auto accident with children, a fire or emergency, we have toys or animals for the kids involved. Toys help them forget, if only for a little while. Toys are something they can cling to in all the chaos and, often, the misery,” Fire Marshal Mike Hayman says.

The Davenport Fire Department has been using toys since 1994. So this is something that is more than proved and has withstanded the test of time.

“Miscellaneous toys are big assists in many situations,” says Sgt. Shawn Roth, the supervisor of the juvenile detective bureau. “A child may come to us in a trauma situation. A mother or father or both may have been involved. You can feel helpless, but a plaything gives us a positive mission. A toy seems to put a smile on their young faces.”

Most of the toys the department gives out are donated. Even though we say stuffed animals, the brave men and women accept all toys as donations. Some times piuzzles for example give the kids something to do for longer if they have to spend more time in the department. There are still children who like books too.

Stuffed animals are usually most suited for children who need comfort. They love to hig them and feel their warmth.

So be sure to stop by your police or fire department and ask if they have such a program and donate to it. Hospitals can also use such donations. You will bring much needed comfort to someone.