Moose Toys will make the new Bluey toys

Moose Toys will make the new Bluey toysMoose Toys is the new global master toy partner for the popular British animated series Bluey. The series will make an international debut this autumn.

This will happen after Bluey debuts on the Disney Junior network and the Disney+ streaming service. As a result it’s expecting an even bigger jump in popularity.

Bluey follows a six year old Blue Heeler puppy who lives with her mum and dad, and four year old little sister, Bingo. Bluey has a limitless Blue Heeler energy and in each episode plays different games and challenges.

“The power of family is a cornerstone of Disney storytelling, and the warmth and authenticity of Bluey’s family dynamic is what first captured our interest in the show. Bluey reminds us all of our own families, and it plays out the small but emotionally epic dramas of day-to-day life in surprising, heartfelt and very funny ways that will engage children and parents alike. We’re excited to introduce Bluey and her family to our audiences across the world on our multiple platforms”, Jane Gould, senior vice president, consumer insights and programming strategy, Disney Channels Worldwide says in a release.

Moose Toys will have the task to bring that energy to the real world. The company will hold the global rights for toys except in Asia. The first toys will launch in Australia in time for Christmas 2019. By autumn 2020 the toys will make their way to other countries, as well.

The reception for Bluey in Australia has been phenomenal and we believe Bluey has what it takes to be a major hit in the pre-school aisle around the world. Bluey’s quirky and heartwarming stories align perfectly with Moose Toys’ core values to make kids happy”, Menal McGrath, vice president, global licensing at Moose Toys says.

So far, the company isn’t saying what the toys will be. We’re hoping for some stuffed animals with the characters as it seems very fitting.