Moose Toys released the Fortnite Battle Bus playset

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Moose Toys released the Fortnite Battle Bus playsetThe Fortnite Battle Royale videogame craze has cooled off a bit, but only in the eyes of the media. The game is still going strong. Very strong, with over 250 million registered users and millions of them playing every month.

Fortnite is preparing for Season 10 and it’s not only the game that develops. Companies are introducing more and more new real-life toys, based on the video game.

One of them is Moose Toys which has released a Battle Bus playset. Yes, the beloved Battle Bus is finally coming in toy form.

It’s not an exact match to the video game bus, as it comes a little bit shorter. The toy Battle Bus is 13 inches tall and includes the hot air balloon, many of the crazy accessories that are attached on the bus and more.

The playset also comes with two exclusive action figures. They are 2-inches tall and represent Burnout and Funk Ops. As you can imagine, you can keep them in the bus. You can actually keep a total of 17 such figures in the bus.

The Battle Bus is making its way to the stores and will cost 39.99 British Pounds a pop. It will be a part of an even bigger Fortnite toy line. The line will feature a Mega Fort playset, All Terrain Kart, action figure packs and even an X-4 Stormwing Dlx Plane. All of them sold seperately.

The action figure packs will be solo, duo and squad packs. There will be 100 action figures based on characters in the game. So, there will be a lot of collecting going for big Fortnite fans.