Moose Toys aims to disrupt the preschool toy market with a new line

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Moose Toys aims to disrupt the preschool toy market with a new lineAustralian toy company Moose Toys has a new goal. It wants to disrupt the preschool toy market with a new line of dolls. Meet the Kindi Kids.

The Kindi Kids start as four bobblehead dolls. They are Marsha Mello, Jessicake, Peppa-Mint and Donatina. Each doll comes with unique, own accessories.

The line will also feature three playsets. They have interactive features and moving parts. All of this will come along with YouTube content featuring a showcase of the characters and their world. This will start uploading in June.

“Kindi Kids is more than a brand launch for Moose Toys. It’s an incredible opportunity to disrupt the preschool aisle to celebrate the major milestone of entering kindergarten for the first time. We’ve received great support from retailers, and this is just the beginning for Kindi Kids. We are building out a robust world with music and content, with more to come”, says co-CEO Paul Solomon to ToyHobbyRetailer.
Co-owner of Moose Toys, Jacqui Tobias adds: “As young children enter kindergarten, often the most difficult aspect for them and their parents is the transition, but with the help of their upbeat, colorful and positive Kindi friends, their experience can be transformed to a happy, fun and safe adventure. Our goal in introducing a new girls’ line to the preschool category is to help young kids discover their voice and develop their individuality, imagination and confidence in their journey to kindergarten.”
Would Kindi Kids challenge LOL Surprise? It’s too early to tell. Probably not, since the new line doesn’t have the surprise factor. But if the story is compelling it might become quite successful.