Moms find real bugs in stuffed animals

Moms find real bugs in stuffed animals
This is just an illustration, not a Cozy Hugs toy. On the left that is. On the right is a real cute sad bunny.

Moms have found real bugs living inside some of the stuffed animals of their kids. The problem is with Cozy Hugs who have already taken measures to fix it.

But why are there real bugs in the stuffed animals? Kamren Weiler recently saw a tear in the Cozy Hugs microwavable stuffed animal her almost three-year-old daughter has, KATU reports. As she went to fix it, she saw a nasty surprise inside the toy – lots and lots of bugs inside.

The toy is stuffed with wheat and lavender. The goal is to be soothing and like sort of an aromatherapy when heated up in a microwave.

Sadly the wheat is also attracting bugs it seems. According to the oregon Department of Agriculture they are grain weevils. Goog news is that these bugs are not harmful to himans, say experts from the National Pest Management Association.

“My first reaction was, this is really gross. And then my second reaction was, I tore my daughter’s whole room apart. Where could those bugs have gone. In her shirt, in her clothes”, says Weiler.

According to KATU, there have been at least half a dozen other people reporting the same bug infestations in their Cozy Hugs stuffed animals. Some people have filed complaints against the manufacturer Goldessence Limited after it failed to respond to their calls.

One complaint though states the person had managed to speak to someone in the company who admitted it had placed these products in a warehouse in an inferior environment and/or temperature where these bugs could grow, the complainant said.

“Please note that the ‘Cozy Hugs’ product is a very poor imitation of our Cozy Plush product. It is clear that the manufacturers of these items are not aware of the risks associated with shipping organically filled goods that have not been properly treated and screened,” says Philips Gannon, who is owner of Intelex Group, making the rival Cozy Plush.

Additionally Fred Meyer says it heard complaints about Cozy Hugs bugs a while back and in December 2013 replaced them with Cozy Hugs that have ceramic beads instead of wheat. Sadly the manufacturer still hasn’t spoken. Good thing is others have and have put their money where their mouths are saying their similar toys are safe and it is “highly unlikely” to get infested with bugs.