Mom finds insects in the stuffed animal she bought for her child

Mom finds insects in the stuffed animal she bought for her child
Cozy Hugs has a wide array of aromatherapy stuffed animals

Well, that’s unfortunate. An Oregon mother says she found lots of insects in the stuffing of a Cozy Hugs stuffed animal she bought for her daughter.

Kamren Weiler says to KATU 2 that she noticed a tear in her 3-year-old daughter’s stuffed animal. Upon closer inspection of the damage, she noticed bugs in the toy.

So Weiler, took the entire stuffing out from the toy. It turned out it was infested with hundreds of living insects.

It’s especially troubling for Weiler since her daugher played with the stuffed animal a lot. She even slept with it not knowing it’s full of bugs.

The Cozy Hugs stuffed animals are unique since you can heat them up in a microwave and they retain the warmth and smell of lavender and other herbs. They are filled with wheat and lavender though, which can attract bugs. So, if there’s a tear somewhere in the toy, the bugs can get to the organic stuffing and multiply.

According to the Oregon Department of Agriculture, the insects are most likely grain weevils, a common pest that thrive by eating grain kernels. The FDA said that people who have problems with their Cozy Hugs products should file a complaint with the agency.

There have been previous similar complaints with Cozy Hugs. In 2015 the company said it fixed the problem. So, it’s better to inspect them thoroughly before you buy them. If they are damaged, opt for another one which isn’t.

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