MMG Brands to shift from making toys to producing medical supplies

MMG Brands to shift from making toys to producing medical suppliesThe world is living in unprecedented times with the coronavirus outbreak. Companies are looking for new ways to help and MMG Brands in among them.

The company announced it’s shifting its production from toys to medical supplies. The change comes into immediate effect for the brand that’s behind Moosh Moosh plush and other popular toys.

Instead of toys, MMG Brands will start making personal protective equipment. This includes FDA-approved N95 respirator masks. It will also make nitrile gloves, hospital gowns and other items.

“As a nimble company we are able to shift production quickly, and that’s what we’ve done to address a crushing need,” says Sean Price, executive vice president, chief marketing officer for MMG Brands. “We are at war with this virus. Historically, American companies transition from producing consumer goods to producing much-needed supplies for war efforts. MMG Brands is doing its part to make a difference during these uncertain circumstances.”

The company will make these supplies for as long as needed. Hopefully, this will be a relatively short amount of time.