Minions stuffed toy saved the life of a child

Minions stuffed toy saved the life of a child

The Minions are a big hit in the movies, but they seem to have some real life contributions as well. News broke that a stuffed toy saved a falling child.

A Minions stuffed toy is said to have broken the fall of a five-year-old girl from Colorado who suffered only minor injuries after falling from the window of a third-story apartment, Reuters reports. The child was playing in the bedroom and fell backwards accidentally from the open window.

“Fortunately, when the child fell out of the window she continued holding on to a stuffed Minion teddy bear that is believed to have cushioned her fall,” the statement of the Colorado Springs Police department says.

None of the injuries of the child are serious, says the police. The department also advises parents and caretakers to ensure there is an adequate screen or other way to protect children from open windows. Adequate parental attention is also a must, or it would be better to leave the windows closed and locked.

Happily we can now add this event to the reasons why you should love stuffed animals and stuffed toys. Apart from being there for you and helping you during a depression or other traumatic moments, stuffies seem to sometimes be able to help you out avoid physical danger as well.

Still, this doesn’t mean that you should take all measures to protect children. Better to be extra safe than sorry.