Mindful Moe is a plush Pog which wants to teach kids mindfulness

Mindful Moe is a plush Pog which wants to teach kids mindfulnessMindful Moe is a new stuffed animal that comes to the market and has more in mind to just be cute and cuddly. Moe wants to improve kids’ mental health.

Julieanne Reel (on the photo) is the creator of Mindful Moe. She says to the Irish Post that that the toy aims to encourage the mental, emotional, social health and wellbeing.

“I wanted to offer a way in to mindfulness that is fun, accessible and of genuine use in children’s daily lives and so I created Mindful Moe,” she says. “My goal with Mindful Moe is to help children realise how amazing they are and to enrich their lives with mindfulness.

Mindful Moe is not only a cute looking Pug. Touch his paw and he will teach kids meditation. He has three different audio meditations: for calming, for aiding sleep and for loving and kindness. “Mindfulness has been recommended by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence to improve the mental, emotional, social health and wellbeing of children, young people and adults”, Reel says.

The first batch Mindful Moe plushies are currently in manufacturing phase. They will be in the warehouse by the end of November 2019. They will cost £45 a pop and will be in the hands of kids by Christmas. And Reel and her team are already working on more toys, but for now they aren’t giving out the details.