MGA Entertainment introduces more eco-friendly LOL Surprise dolls in 2020

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MGA Entertainment introduces more eco-friendly LOL Surprise dolls in 2020The use of plastics in toys is a big topic for the environment. Many companies are looking for ways to make their toys more sustainable and eco-friendly.

Among them is MGA Entertainment. Its’ CEO Isaac Larian said to CNN Business, that in 2020 the company is going to introduce some changes.

One of the big ones is that LOL Surprise dolls will start using biodegradable plastic. Larian says MGA’s engineers are working on “a brand new biodegradable plastic for 2020”. Also, MGA will swap the plastic of the inner side of LOL Surprise’s packaging for paper.

As a result, LOL Surprise dolls will become more eco-friendly. The plastic bags will go in favor of paper. And the actual plastics for the toys will be more eco-friendly without making it brittle.

All of this should start happening next year. Larian hasn’t given a specific time-frame, but we would expect the changes to make their way to the final toys gradually. Still, it is a great way to see that toy companies do care and are putting effort in improving their environmental footstep.