Meru will adapt toys for children with restricted movement

Meru will adapt toys for children with restricted movementThe toy company Meru announced new plans to adapt toys for children with restricted movement. The toys will have new features to help all kids play.

Meru has announced a new service in which the company will adapt battery-operated toys for disabled children. And the company will do that in time for this Christmas.

The service is only for the UK for the time being. What’s more, it’s pretty much free. You have to provide the toy and the switch and that’s it. Meru won’t charge you for the labor.

The company will change the switches on battery operated toys, to allow them to be used by children with restricted movement. Meru notes that not all toys are suitable for such a modification.

Happily, you can simply contact the company beforehand and ask them. You can do this on 01372 725203 or email You should actually contact them before you send a toy anyway so you get the details.

The toys must arrive at Meru by December 13th so they can be modified and shipped in time for Christmas. Meru builds assistive equipment for children and young people with disabilities and offers modifications for products including tablets, cameras, musical instruments.