Merrythought teddy bears get a special collectible stamp by Royal Mail

Merrythought teddy bears get a special collectible stamp by Royal MailYou know you’ve made it when you get your own special collectible post stamp. The British Royal Mail released such a stamp for Merrythought teddy bears.

The company’s teddy bears, along with several other classic British toys from the last 100 years, got their stamps. The stamps are a nod to the golden age of British toy manufacturing, the Mirror reports.

“The heyday of the British toy industry remains a magical era, one that shaped childhoods across the generations,” reads a statement from Royal Mail. “And with many of the best-loved toys from the past still with us, or perhaps relaunched after temporary absences, the children of today can still have fun with some of the world’s most iconic toys.”

There are a total of 10 stamps, each picturing a different toy. And all of the stamps are made from original pictures of the toys. So, they have a classic retro feel to them.

Royal Mail Merrythought teddy bear post stamp

“British toy makers enjoyed a reputation for quality and innovation, and these nostalgic stamps celebrate ten wonderful toys that have endured through the decades”, adds Philips Parker, who is a spokesperson for the Royal Mail.

The stamps will be available to purchase online and in over 7,000 post offices across the UK from August 22nd. They feature Merrythought Bear, Sindy Doll, Spirograph, Stickle Bricks, W.Britan Toy Figures, Space Hopper, Fuzzy Felt, Meccano, Action Man and Hornby Dublo trains.