Merry Christmas from our big StuffedParty and a special message

Merry Christmas from our big StuffedPartyOur big StuffedParty is gathering in this video to wish you a Merry Christmas. It’s been a great and an interesting year and we’re hoping that it was just the start of even better things to come.

Our plushies gathered around the virtual fireplace to enjoy some classic Christmas family time. Why the fireplace is virtual?

Well, you don’t want your stuffed animals close to possible flying embers, right? While it may seem the opposite these days, Christmas is not about the presents or material stuff. It’s about love, family and reminding yourself.

Of what you may ask? Of continuing to try to become a better person and be good to others. As you grow older you will see more and more that this is what brings the real joy. No material gift can bring as much joy as giving a gift or helping someone else.

This can change your whole view of the world. And for the better.

Christmas is also about spending time with loved ones and/or people in need. The size or the price of the gifts isn’t that important. It’s not important at all, actually. What matters is the thought, the effort and the love.

Plus, the value can be quite different depending on the point of view.┬áThink about it this way – if a billionaire gives you a very expensive item, but doesn’t really put any effort or emotion in the gift, does it really bring joy? Maybe even someone of their assistants picked it up? But what if someone, who has very little, takes the time and effort to pick something for you. It may be very cheap, but it cost this person more, but despite that they put even more emotion and love into it? Now this would make the gift much more valuable, won’t it?

So, this is why it’s the thought and love that counts. The presents are just a small symbol of that. They aren’t and shouldn’t be the end-all of Christmas. This is why our plush party looks so calm and happy. The plushies know this and are happy to be together. And they invite all plushies to join. Merry Christmas!