Meowberus brings the Greek Mythology to the plush world

Meowberus brings the Greek Mythology to the plush worldPlush animals can be educating as well as fun. For example did you know about the sister of Cerebus from the Greek Mythology? She’s called Meowberus and she’s coming in plush form.

Meowberus is a new project on Kickstarter which is created by Michelle Cullison. She writes that she loves Greek Mythology and her three kittens.

So, what to do? Well, bring these two very different things into one and create the Meowberus.

Meet the Meowberus

It’s an interesting mythical plush cat which features three heads. Each head has a different expression to showcase the personality of each cat. One is very happy, one is very sleepy and the third one is confident and a bit scary.

The mythical plush cat will come in three color variations. One of them is black and white. The second is purple and lavendar while the third is cream and blue.

Also, the plushie is 11 inches long and 8 inches tall. They can come with two additional accessories as well – sassafrass, bows and hats. You can add and move them if you want, too. Or, you can wear them.

The Kickstarter campaign is already underway. The Meowberus needs just $3000 to be funded and it already has several backers. Each plushie will be about $25 while a Meowberus with the accessories will be $30.