Meet Whitey the White Bear

Whitey the White BearWe have another classic stuffed animal for you today. This is Whitey the white bear.

He’s another member of the 25+ club being with the family for many, many years. And he’s another one with some mystery about him.

Little is known about this white stuffed bear origin. He’s made probably in Bulgaria in the 1980s and has been in the family since that same time.

During the years he has seen a LOT of play. He was played with daily for about 12 years then more rarely. Whitey has never been put away in storage and has always been well maintained. Given that long history though he hass seen his fair share of stitching but hans’t actually needed restuffing even though he’s seen quite a few washing machines, too.

He has also managed to stay relatively white despite his long life as a kid’s toy. He’s lost some of his fluffyness though and feels more rough to the touch but for such and old toy it’s a decent trade off. After all everything, like eyes, nose and etc., is still on him and hasn’t moved an inch and there were never a need to restitch or reglue these pieces back.

Whitey is also the only old classic stuffed animal we have seen another example off. The other one is owned by some of our relatives. Now we’re far from thinking nobody else has them, quite the opposite. It’s just that they are so old it’s not easy to find other ones these days.

So if you have a similar white stuffed bear or any other classic stuffed animals in your collection, we would be more than happy to see them too. You can share them in the comments below, or better yet, in our forum. Every classic stuffed animal will also get its own page in this section of the site, too.