Meet the new Star Wars themed Furby – Furbacca

Meet the new Star Wars themed Furby - Furbacca
Image credit: Vine Screenshot

Furby is also a Star Wars fan. The new edition of the popular toy is dressed up as Chewbacca and calls himself – Furbacca. He has a few new features to play with.

Recently Mashable has had the pleasue of getting their hands on the next-generation Furby to check him out. Furbacca will be available this fall for 79.99 dollars which seems like a lot. But the new toy has quite a few new features and actions to make up for the price.

The most obvious thing is the new look. Furbacca has the same fur as Chewbacca and his trusty belt and bag. Roleplaying is a very important part of the new Furby. Through the iOS and Android apps that accompany Furbacca, the new owners will be able to feed him and play with him. He will also want a “shower” via the app and will make the appropriate sounds.

You will also hear Furbacca to hum the Star Wars theme song from time to time. He has new LCD eyes that show pictures of X-Wing Fighters, Imperial Star Wars Destroyers and etc. His LCD eyes also give him more emotions to show off.

Furbacca is packed with sensors and can react differently when touched on the head, stomach, tail and mouth. This means you will also have to pat him from time to time to feel loved. But don’t pull his tail as he will get very angry.

The new Furbacca will also require four AA batteries. He will also support the Furbling feature which will allow the owners to hatch virtual little Furbies within the smartphone apps. This time though the little Fubrlings will resemble other characters in the Star Wars franchise like Han Solo for example.

The new Furby also shows that the popular toy still has a lot to give. He was very popular in the late 1990s then was stopped from the market. Furbies returned in 2012 and have been popular ever since and they have taken the most possible use out of new technologies. Furbacca is one of the most advanced new Furbies and shows a promising future for the toy line-up.

Check him out in action: