Meet the new line of plushies called BirthdayLand

Meet the new line of plushies called BirthdayLandThe company Digiplush has launched its first brand called BirthdayLand. It features a few interactive stuffed animals and a special smartphone app.

The lineup features two types of toys. One is called Birthdaykins and the other – Huggaloons. The prices for the toys in Toys ‘R Us is $12.99 and $16.99 respectively.

All toys have their special digital characters that you can meet in the free BirthdayLand smartphone app. It is available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Apps, M-Magazine reports.

A Huggaloons Plushie called FloatyAccording to Digiplush, the Birthdaykins line features eight cute, mouse-like characters. They are soft and cuddly and cime with a special code. Put that in the app and you will get several special features unlocked.

You will also get a code if you get a stuffed animal from the Huggaloons line. They are an interesting mix of soft, cuddly stuffies that also resemble baloons. There are a total of six Huggaloons toys for you to collect.

A Huggaloons Plushie called Bouncy

If you get the stuffies from a Toys ‘R Us store, you can also get an extra secret word to use in the app to get even more features. There is also such a word on the store’s website if you can’t get to a physical store.

Don’t be fooled by their name, the BirthdayLand toys are great to play with even when it is not your birthday. There are several fun activities to do and there is always a birthday do celebrate. The goal ofthe toys isto make everyday feel a little bit more special and all you need to do is simply play with them and their app.