Meet the Internet’s new love: Tonkey the Teddy Bear dog

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Meet the Internet's new love: Tonkey the Teddy Bear dog

The Internet is about to have a new favorite animal: Tonkey the Teddy Bear Dog. She is actually a Shar Pei, but she looks like a teddy bear with plush fur.

Tonkey is a very real dog. But she has a plush-like fur which, according to TIME, is quite a rare thing for the breed. Both of Tonkey’s parents must have a recessive gene which can give the pups this soft fur.

She is about four months old and is on Instagram for about eight weeks, but she already has nearly 200 000 followers. Tonkey’s owner, Christine Park, told BoredPanda that she started the account as a way to make friends, but fears that she’s quickly been surpassed by her too-cute pup.

So far Tonkey is on the road to becoming a Internet love like Grumpy Cat, Boo and other cute animals. This means it is a matter of time before Tonkey the Teddy Bear dog is sitting next to her stuffed animal version which may in fact be a real Teddy Bear dog.

Until that happens, here are some of Tonkey’s adventures in getting to know the world.

Max, Tonkey, and Tonkey’s mouth towel ☔. . . #tonkey #the #walking #puddle 🐻

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You can check out more of Tonkey the Teddy Bear dog at her official Instagram page.