Meet the Hatchnimals’ rival – the Fuzzy Wonderz

Meet the Hatchnimals rival - the Fuzzy WonderzCan’t get your hands on the Hatchnimals? There’s an alternative. Meet the Fuzzy Wonders which also come in eggs, but have some big differences.

The Fuzzy Wonders look a bit like baby Furbies. They come in eggs which you have to take care of in order for them to hatch.

Then you will meet your new fuzzy friend. According to their site, the Fuzzy Wonders are the keepers of the Magic Forest, where enchanted furry friends make anything possible.

The Fuzzy Wonderz life

When your Fuzzy hatches, he or she will be ready to play. They can sing, tell jokes and interact with you according to your touch. You can even tickle them!

If you want your play to be even more interactive, then you can also download the Fuzzy Wonderz app. With it you can “feed” your Fuzzy, interact even more and access more games. Mind you, if you don’t play with them for 30 minutes or so, they can fall asleep.

You can get only one Fuzzy Wonder for about $60 or a twin pack with two stuffies for $99. Some of the twin packs are sold out though, so you would have to be quick.

We are looking forward to the moment when we see the Hatchimals and Fuzzy Wonderz at the same place. Do you think they will become good friends? We hope so.