Meet the Hatchimals – interactive tamagochi-like stuffed animals

Meet the Hatchimals - interactive tamagochi-like stuffed animalsThe Hatchimals are finally here. They are new tamagochi-like stuffed animals which you have to take care of. They come in a special egg and have to hatch.

You have to take care of them from the moment you touch the egg. As you do, the egg will start to light up. The plushie inside will also start to communicate with you.

You will feel taps on the egg shell and you will hear various sounds. And you won’t know what animal is inside, until it hatches. There will be two types – a Pengulas and a Draggles. Both look like small birds.

After the toy “hatches”, the real play begins. You will be able to interact with your new friend. And you will also have to raise it. At first the toy is like a baby and you have to teach it to walk, talk, play games. Then it will be a youngster and then an adult.

“Hatchimals has been a closely guarded secret since it was previewed exclusively to the toy industry at the New York Toy Fair,” said Charlotte Yates, a spokesperson for Spin Master to ToyNews. The company said it took two years to develop the Hatchimals.

The good news is that the toy won’t require an app. “This was a conscious decision on our part. “Kids already have a lot of daily screen time. We didn’t want to add to it”, says the company to CNN.

Spin Master is already planning on adding even more animals to the toy line. They should be ready soon.