Meet the Cubcoats – stuffed animals your kids can wear

Meet the Cubcoats - stuffed animals your kids can wearHere’s a new idea – why not have a stuffed animal which you can unfold into a coat? This is exactly what the new Cubcoats plushies are offering.

The cute stuffed animals come in many forms. Cubcoats have at least 8 versions with a fox, teddy bear, tiger, bunny and so on.

At first glance, all of them look like your regular stuffed animals. But instead of the usual stuffing, they hold inside them a whole hoodie.

You just unzip the back and roll out the hoodies. The front of the plushie remains hidden in the hoodie. And the actual hoodie is quite normal looking. There’s only one tiny detail that is “unusual”: the small ears on the top of the hood. That’s it. And the ears are retractable, too.

The Cubcoats are meant for kids of ages between 2 and 5. The company says the hoodies are fully lined, so they are going to keep the kids warm. Cubcoats also promise they are using only premium materials like a soft touch fleece.

As with many other stuffed animals, the Cubcoats also have their own “Universe” and story. You can see it in the form of an e-book. Each character has a different names and story in the Cubcoats universe. They also have different “qualities”. For example Benne the bunny has a strength of bravery, but also a weakness of turnips.

Flynn the fox on the other hand has creativity as a strenght, but berries as a weakness. All of the characters also have their own secret symbols. For example, Papo the Panda has a Plant as his secret symbol. Pimm the Puppy on the other hand a Star as his symbol.

What about the prices? Each Cubcoat costs $59 no matter what animal it is and no matter what size the hoodie is. And while the plushies are different colors, the actual hoodies inside are all grey.