• Teddy Stuffed Bear

Meet Teddy the stuffed bear

As we’ve said before, a lot of people, more than 60% of Britons for example, keep at least one of their childhood stuffed toys. In most cases that is a teddy bear.

Like our little Teddy here. He is more than 40 years old. Yes, more than 40. He’s actually older than the author of this text by some 12-14 years depending on how old the teddy bear actually is.

Sadly we don’t know his exact birthday as he’s now a third generation stuffed toy and some of the memories are fading, at least in regard to his age. He still carries the memories from three childhoods though. They pop up in ones head immediately after that person looks at Teddy.

Believe it or not his name doesn’t come from “teddy bear”. Here in Eastern Europe they are just called plush bears and their nickname wasn’t widely known until much, much later. The name is actually after another real person close to the toy.

And anyway, Teddy is again with no labels so it’s difficult to know ho made him. It’s sure that he comes from a then Soviet republic, but we just don’t know which one. He was just at a local store one day and was picked up by a relative and that was that. He has been in the family for more than 40 years now.

Today he’s not played with that often but is still in great shape. He actually rests next to his other stuffed friends near the bed. It is a well deserved rest after so many years, don’t you think?

As our other classic stuffed animals, Teddy would love to meet other interesting plush toys from the years back. If you have such and wish to share them, you can do that in the comments or in our forum. All great classic stuffies will get their own special page here.