• stuffed smurf

Meet our classic stuffed Smurf

The smurfs are a classic animated series known and loved throughout the world. They also live in the universe of stuffed toys. We also have a stuffed smurf in our collection. He is rather special as he is a classic soft toy.

He was made in the early 80s. His most likely origin is in Bulgaria and he is quite probably an unofficial toy. He lacks a label of any sort or even a tag. His outer materials are actually a plain and simple cloth stitched together well.

What’s interesting about the stuffed smurf is his stuffing. It’s not foam, wool or anything like that. He is actually stuffed with hay. Yes, that some pretty old hay in there but as far as we can tell, all is well with it.

Smurfie has never been repaired because he’s never had the need even though he was actually never put away. You may have a hard time believing but he actually spent more┬áthan 10 years suspended from the chandelier in one of the rooms of the house.

Today he spends his time in a more comfortable environment sitting a top of one of the cabinets surrounded by his other stuffed friends. He is still one of the favorites as he is also now a second generation soft toy meaning he was actually bought by our older relatives.

As such the stuffed smurf carries quite a lot of memories with him. Looking at us from che chandelier with his big smile has always helped out in sad moments. We really do love Smurfie and are proud to have him as a part of our stuffed toy family.

Do you have a classic stuffed smurf in your collection? Or maybe other interesting stuffed animals and toys from the years back? We’d love to see them share their own spot in our Stuffed Classics section and in our forum.