Meet our 1:24 Bburago Citroen 15CV

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We are starting our car show where we will present new, current, classic and vintage cars. They are scale models and we will present them to you by a different plush host each time.
We will be happy for you to share both your opinion on social media and write which model you want to feature. Our collection is huge. It consists of different models of cars, trucks, buses, trams, planes and ships. Here I will only show and talk about them, answer your questions and promise that even my house will remain intact. Since working for you, I have received various offers and various opinions. I’ll be happy for this to continue.
The first model is presented by our host Futix. Welcome, Futix.
I won’t hide from you that this is every collector’s dream and as such I feel lucky. It’s father, Citroen Traction Avant, was born in the distant 1934. Like most Citroens, this one is the bearer of many innovations and revolutionary solutions. Having survived the Second World War, resurrected in 1945, it continues to develop and modernize.
After taking it out of the box, the first thing we see is the exterior of the 1:24 Bburago Citroen 15CV. It is a metal casting in black color. We immediately see a beautifully crafted front grille with the Citroen logo. The fenders and bumpers also emphasize the character of this bygone era. They also characterize the visions of the designers of the time.
1:24 Bburago Citroen 15CV
The front cover is also openable and this allows us to take a look at the engine. It is a multi-block that combines characteristic details for each unit. Visible is a cylindrical block to which elements of the fuel, cooling and exhaust systems are integrated. The model is equipped with tires and rims, completely in the spirit of the time in which it lives and we could safely call them Retro.
Let’s pay attention to the rear part as well, and with that we finish the tour of the exterior. The rear panel is also non-opening but good looking and consists of a quality finish on the bumper, numbers and we can even tell the position of the spare tire.
We love some retro
For the more discerning collectors, I will say that the paint and varnish finish leaves a bit to be desired, but for its price range, that’s about it. Also, only the front doors open, but as I said before for the money, that’s what we get.
And since we have already opened the doors, let’s take a look at the interior. We see the obligatory controls and instrument panel with analog gauges for reading speed and fuel availability. The rear-view mirror is mounted on this same instrument panel, a method also used in later Citroen models.
Retro seats and furnishings are nostalgically recreated. From the distance of time, it seems to us this is a quite simple and modest car and as if it is stuck in another era in which we did not live and we have no real idea of that time.
This is where vintage car models come to the rescue. They are like a time machine that takes us back to where our grandparents raised our parents and enjoyed these cars the way we now admire their electronics-filled contemporaries and are managed by artificial intelligence using 5th generation mobile networks. Wow… how does that sound, huh! Yes, of course we will get to them too, and we will be able to compare at will, but drive side by side. Also, stay tuned for the next Mercedes classic.