• Stuffed Classics - Moo the stuffed cow

Meet Moo the Stuffed Cow

We continue our Stuffed Classic series that are looking at old and cool stuffed animals from throughout the years. Today you can meed Moo the stuffed cow.

She is what we call a second generation stuffed animal. This means she was actually bought by our now older relatives and now the stuffed cow has been passed on to us.

Moo is about 35 years old but you can’t really tell that from the way she looks. Everything on her is original eventhough she as had more than a few trips to the washing machine. This is actually quite impressive because modern stuffed animals are much more “fragile” when it comes to keeping their extra details when in a washing machine.

Well it seems they really did make stuff better back in the old days. Moo is definately built do last a long time. This is great as she is the holder of many memories that pop up in our minds everytime we see her. This is quite often as she shares the couch with all of the other stuffies.

Moo the stuffed cow is also of unknown origin. She is bought in Eastern Europe and was probably made in one of the then Soviet republcs. She has no labels of any sort that can indicate a manufacturer or any other information. Interestingly enough we haven’t seen another stuffed cow like this one so far, although we are more than sure that there are more out there.

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