Meet Minnie Mouse the unofficial version

Minnie Mouse soft toyMinnie Mouse has been around for nearly 86 years now. She is still popular and has a great following. We have a classic Minnie Mouse stuffed toy around which is nearly 30 years old now.

But before we get on with the toy lets check out Minnie’s history. Her first official apperance is credited on 18 November 1928. She was actually drawn by Ub Iwerks along with Mickey Mouse. Her first full name was Minerva Mouse but since Minerva is sounding too serious slowly her nickname Minnie caught on and replaced Minerva as her primary name.

During her first TV apperance Minnie Mouse was actually voiced by Walt Disney himself. Today she’s voiced by Russi Taylor.¬†Even to this day Minnie is featured in many Disney cartoons, comic books and stories. Age has been kind to her and she still looks good.

Minnie Mouse stuffed toys

Naturally, given her popularity, Minnie Mouse also has a wide variety of souvenirs and stuffed toy versions. They go years back and are both official and unofficial with lots of different types and toys.

We for example have this unofficial version of Minnie Mouse. She was made probably around 1985 or there abouts.

As you can tell she’s not exactly like the original Minnie. Her legs are quite longer and her entire height is nearly one meter or about three feet. Thus this makes her the tallest stuffed toy we have.

This doesn’t meant much though as she doesn’t have a wire frame and is completely soft so she can’t stay on her feet. And the more eagled-eyed of you have already clicked on the picture and¬†probably noticed that she is a little worse for wear.

Given her life though she’s looking quite good. She was exposed for years out in the open in the sun and even rain, then she spent a few years in bad storage and she was played with a lot. Really. A lot.

Given that she was made again by a mysterious company as there are no labels on her, she’s lived through the years quite well. Happily for her she now spends her days relaxing as you can see on the picture. So even if her age is showing a bit, she’s quite happy and so are we.

Do you have other cool classic Minnie Mouse stuffed toys? We’d love to see them and other classic stuffed animals here on in our forum.