Meet iBesties: Dolls for Future Tech and Business Leaders

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Meet iBesties: Dolls for Future Tech and Business Leaders

“iBesties is a collection of dolls, books & online “edutainment” that promotes entrepreneurship and technology learning for young girls”. This is what greets us at the Kickstarter page of the project about making dolls for future tech and business leaders.

If you follow the business world, you would have noticed that most CEOs of top companies are men. The only reason for that is because it is seen as a “man’s job” and most women typically stray away from it. But in fact women don’t lack anything to become top CEOs apart from believing that it is possible.

This is where iBesties comes in. Toys help inspireĀ children on who they can be when they grow up. Toys show children what is possible in the world. So iBesties are here to show girls they can be part of the next generation of tech moguls and top CEOs.

Over 90% of girls ages between 3 and 10 in the USA alone own dolls. The plan is to have several iBesties dolls. Each will come with a book that helps girls learn business and tech skills, be better at teamwork and decision making.

iBesties will be smart and savvy and show girls how they can be the same, too. There will be a total of at least six dolls all specializing in their own areas like business, coding, graphics, digital, gadgets and blogging.

“After studying the play-patterns of girls in our target demographic it became apparent that many girls enjoy dolls, doll fashions, series books and online games. iBesties introduces modern concepts of entrepreneurship and technology learning into already established play patterns, which utilize all of these mediums”, the company says.

The company needs $50 000 to continue making the dolls. It has about $45 000 raised already and there is a week left on the campaign. The dolls will be priced at 40 dollars including the book.