Meet Hamilton and Eleanor – the traveling stuffed animals who need your help

Meet Hamilton and Eleanor - the traveling stuffed animals who need your helpStuffed animals are great traveling companions. They actually are great companions full stop. The new Hamilton and Eleanor stuffed animals prove that.

They come from the company Barn Buds which is still very small. As many stuffed animals, Hamilton and Eleanor have an interesting story.

Here’s what the company tells StuffedParty: “The young physician was mindlessly doodling a bunny and a pig on a scrap piece of paper when her significant other approached and commented on her doodles.  She was tired, a little burned out, but for stress relief she loved drawing and shamelessly enjoyed the company of her stuffed animal collection.”

“In a matter of weeks, the doodles evolved into complex sketches, and eventually into handmade stuffed toys.  Hamilton the pig and Eleanor the bunny were destined to be the best of friends.  While Hamilton reflects the bubbly, energetic personality of the young doctor, Eleanor reflects the loving, caring, and protective nature of the doctor’s significant other.”

Of course you can’t just leave your stuffed animals at home, right? So, the two Barn Buds became travel and adventure companions. “What started off as a stress-relief, emotional outlet for an overworked doctor blossomed into a project that she and her significant other enjoy.”

Now Hamilton and Eleanor want to bring their unique personalities to even more people. As a result, they are on Kickstarter. Barn Buds aims for just $3000 to be able to start producing the stuffed animals.

The actual stuffed animals are made from terry plush short pile and all new materials. Hamilton is 10 inches tall, while Eleanor is 13 inches tall. Both are CPSC certified and suitable for all ages.

“We are encouraging exploration of different parts of the world and different cultures. The stories and adventures of Hamilton and Eleanor will bring together friends of all shapes, size, and types,” the company writes.

“Join Hamilton and Eleanor in their adventures as they travel around the world, learning about cultures and appreciating the vastness of the world. Be a part of our launch story as you share your adventures with Hamilton and Eleanor through our Instagram page! Don’t forget their passports too!”