Medicom Toy and Sync launch two Jackson Pollock Teddy Bears

Medicom Toy and Sync launch two Jackson Pollock Teddy BearsWe may have a new instant classic teddy bear. Medicom Toy and Sync have joined together to launch two new teddy bears. What’s interesting is that they are Jackson Pollock teddy bears with a special art-inspired design.

There are two version of the new art teddy bears. One looks like covered in lots of paint in darker colors. The main one is blue.

The other bear has a similar style, but the main color is white. Both teddy bears have a long Sync bow-tie. The Blue bear rocks a red tie, while the white bear – a white tie.

Each of the bears represent the drip style of the abstract expressionist Pollock. The bears will make their way to HBX imminently. Their prices aren’t known.

If we go by previous similar collection by Medicom for Pollock, these collectors’ items will go for prices well above $100 a pop. Then again, they are not exactly toys, but art, so it seems logical.