McFarlane Toys will make new Fortnite figures

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McFarlane Toys will make new Fortnite figuresAs the most popular video game right now, Fortnite: Battle Royale is certainly enjoying a lot of attention. And a lot of new themed toys and figures.

Fortnite Mobile alone makes Epic Games $2 million per day, Game Rant reports. Now the company is seeking to make the game characters come to the real world.

This will happen with a slew of toys. Some of them will be collectible action figures. These will be made by McFarlane Toys.

“The Fortnite brand has taken on global status and continues to grow each day. The game, with its sense of skill and irreverent fun, now has hundreds of character options to choose from, which is a tremendous blueprint for making any successful toy and action figure line”, Todd McFarlane says.

You can expect the Fortnite action figures to make their way to the stores this fall. The figures will be 7-inches tall as per the industry standard.

For now McFarlane Toys is keeping a secret which characters and which skins will become action figures. Apart from the teddy bear-like character in the promo picture, obviously. We also don’t know how much will they cost. The company though is adamant that the figures will be widely available from big stores.

So, keep your eyes peeled. There’s bound to be more information about the Fortnite action figures coming soon. Stay tuned.