“May The Toys Be With You” exhibition gathers more than 30 000 people in a month

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"May The Toys Be With You" exhibition gathers more than 30 000 people in a monthToys and Star Wars go hand in hand. Combine the two and you have a very big winner. This is exactly what happened for the “May The Toys Be With You” exhibition.

The event is over at the New Walk Museum in Leicester, UK. It includes toys from the private collection of 46-years-old Matt Fox, the BBC reported.

The collection features posters, unpublished artwork and lots and lots of toys. Everything is in the theme of Star Wars.

His collection definitely caught the attention of people. About 30 000 people visited it for the first month!

“I’m delighted it has become New Walk Museum’s best attended exhibition. Clearly Leicester winning the Premier League is insignificant next to the power of the force!”, he says.

“Joking aside, what I particularly like is that this exhibition is intergenerational. Parents who remember the toys from 40 years ago are bringing along their kids to share their own childhood experience with them. Museums and galleries often gravitate towards the high brow, but it’s so important that they also bring in children”, he also adds.

Fox says he started his collection when he was 5 years old. “A wise man once said, collecting is a sickness and sharing it is the only cure, and I feel tremendous satisfaction that my collection is being enjoyed by others.”

If you want to check out the collection, you have until October 28, 2018. That’s the final date for the exhibition.