Mattel’s newest Justice League action figures reveal how Steppenwolf will look like

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Mattel's newest Justice League action figures reveal how Steppenwolf will look likeThe Justice League movie continues to gather the interest of comic book and superheroes fans. Mattel offered us a first glimpse how Steppenwolf will look.

We already had a look thanks to LEGO. But Mattel’s newest action figure combo reveals the movie’s villain in much more detail.

What’s more, this dual pack set is already out in the stores. A┬áBatman News reader has sent the site the pic of the new toy from a Kmart in California.

The new action figure combo pack features both Batman and Steppenwolf. Stepenwolf is the uncle of Darkseid who was the tyrannical ruler of Apokolips and one of his top generals. The movie version of Steppenwolf will be played by Game of Thrones alum Ciaran Hinds (Mance Rayder).

What will the Justice League plot feature is not yet known. Will it be a direct continuation of Batman vs. Superman or will it start with a different tune?

We will see later this year when the movie hits the cinemas. But since toy companies are already busy making and selling themed toys, they seem to be very sure about the movie’s success. So, it’s shaping up to be an interesting second part of the year.