Mattel’s Barbie and Ghostbusters toys rise in popularity

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Mattel's Barbie and Ghostbusters toys rise in popularity
Image credit: Mattel

Mattel is having a great time. The company announced its Barbie and Ghostbusters toy lines are scoring big with fans as Both lines are enjoying good sales.

Mattel is reporting that the female-led Ghostbusters line of toys for the reboot of the franchise is getting strong sales. And the same goes for Barbie. The famous doll line is rising in sales by 23%.

Ghostbusters toys are a hit

As you can expect, Mattel is more than pleased. “We’re thrilled with the response to the new Ghostbusters toy line,” said Joe Lawandus, senior VP of design and marketing for Mattel’s Toy Box to Variety. “We worked closely with Sony to ensure each figure featured authentic details from the movie including a wearable proton pack. The early momentum shows the product is resonating with ‘Ghostbusters’ fans!”

According to Mattel, all entries in the Ghostbusters toy line are selling well. It currently includes action figures and character mini-figures, the Ecto vehicle and the Proton pack. With sales strong, we can expect there will be more toys to come. We are hoping for some plush ghosts.

Meanwhile Barbie also keeps strong results. This 23% rise in sales is especially impressive given that most other numbers of the company are down. And Mattel has put in a great effort to diversify the Barbie toy line. One of the latest additions was a presidential campaign set with two dolls – one presidential candidate and a VP candidate.