Mattel will make a movie about American Girl, too

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Mattel will make a movie about American Girl, too
Image credit: Mattel

Mattel is really ramping up their movie aspirations. After announcing that there are movies about Hot Wheels and Barbie in the works, we now have another one.

Mattel is now working with MGM and Picturestart to make a live-action movie about American Girl. This line of dolls may not be as popular as Barbie, but it’s still quite beloved.

In fact, American Girl is on a downturn with sales dropping 27% in the last quarter, CNBC reports. Still, the company hopes that the movie will help with that and revive the interest towards the doll line.

“American Girl is a beloved, story-driven franchise lending itself perfectly to a feature film,” Mattel CEO Ynon Kreiz said in a statement Friday. This is going to be the third movie Mattel wants to to about its toys.

So far Mattel isn’t saying anything more about the movie. We don’t know who will star in it, what will the plot be about or when the movie will be ready. The same goes for the Hot Wheels movie. We only know that Margot Robbie will star in the Barbie movie.