Mattel will continue to make WWE toys through 2021

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Mattel will continue to make WWE toys through 2021WWE and Mattel have extended their partnership. This will see Mattel continue to make WWE related toys until at least 2021. This means two more years on top of the current deal.

Mattel has been the holder of WWE’s Master Toy license for a few years now. The company signed a 5-year contract in 2014 extending a previous one.

The new deal adds at least two more years and will extend the license through 2021. Fans online seemed to be quite pleased by the news.

They like Mattel’s effort in creating more and more toy lines, collections and action figures. It could be fun if Mattel tries to make some plush versions of the popular wrestlers, but they don’t seem on the roadmap for now.

Most fans hope Mattel will up the quality a bit, but not the prices.Other fans want “something more collectible” even if it’s more expensive. One of the ways to solve this would be to create a new line with the said special figures. Or even, they can give an extra license to an action figure specialist like Neca or Hot Toys. But that’s all dreams for now. But a John Cena plushie might be interesting.