Mattel launches an “everyday heroes” line of action figures

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Mattel launches an "everyday heroes" line of action figuresMattel decided to pay a tribute to the “everyday heroes” – the people on the front lines during the coronavirus outbreak. This happens with new action figures.

They come under the Fisher-Price brand and feature several figures under the #ThankYouHeroes line. The line will eventually introduce action figures for nurses, doctors, EMTs and delivery drivers. The main collection will feature a total of 16 action figures.

“#ThankYouHeroes is designed to immortalize and honor healthcare and everyday heroes, and to drive additional donations to support first responders,” said Chuck Scothon, a senior vice president with Fisher-Price, in a press release.

“Whether these toys are given as a gift to recognize someone working on the front lines or used as a tool to help children have conversations about how they are feeling,” Scothon said in the press release. “It is our hope that Fisher-Price toys, and play in general, can ultimately make these difficult times easier for both kids and adults.”

Mattel will also add five new figures to the Little People line. They include a doctor, nurse, EMT, delivery driver and grocery store worker.

The company will also donate a portion of the proceeds from the sales of these toys. They will go towards the #FirstRespondersFirst initiative. The toys will make their way to the online shop of Mattel for pre-order until May 30th, 2020. Then they will start making their way to the shops and customers.