Mattel launched a Game Developer Barbie doll

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Mattel launched a Game Developer Barbie dollMattel has expanded its Barbie line with a new themed doll. It is a Barbie who works as a Game Developer to show girls this is a possible career for them.

Involving more women in the IT industry is a delicate topic. Stereotypes claim it is a “man’s industry”, even though a lot of women are doing great – Sheryl Sandberg from Facebook is just one example. Also, the CEOs of IBM and Yahoo!, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and many others.

Mattel has a line of Barbie which shows the possible career paths for girls. The latest addition is the Game Developer Barbie. The company has even picked it as the “career of the year”. The product description reads: “Honored as a career of the year, young techies can play out the creative fun of this exciting profession.”

Game Developer Barbie

The doll comes with additional accessories like a laptop, a tablet and a headset. The set includes them all. Barbie is donning a pair of glasses, green jacket and a pair of jeans and trainers. The doll has a clear goal as designed to ‘inspire young gamers’.

The Game Developer Barbie is priced at $12.99. The doll is available now for fans to purchase. It is a big seller and sold out fast at some stores. So you better be quick and jump on the chance.