Mattel is working on a Wonder Woman Barbie Doll

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Mattel is working on a Wonder Woman Barbie DollThe toy industry is continuing to rapidly offer more and more female character toys. Now Mattel has announced it is working on a Wonder Woman Barbie doll.

It is great that the toy industry is finally seeing that female character toys can actually be popular. Barbie has long been a proof of that but companies thought it was just because it is Barbie.

Now the popular doll line is branching out into superheroes, too. Mattel is set to release a Wonder Woman Barbie, which is inspired by Gal Gadot’s role in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The new Wonder Woman Barbie doll will feature an outfit which closely resembles the one Gadot’s character is wearing in the movie. It features a long cape, the classic gold tiara, a sword and a shield.

If you like Barbies or collect superheroes dolls and action figures, then this one is ideal for you. But be warned! Priced at $80, the doll will exclusively be available at this year’s Comic Con in San Diego, which takes place on July 20th to 24th. The Wonder Woman Barbie will be available for pre-order from June 17th.

According to USA Today, the company is also releasing an 11 inch She-Ra action figure for $75. Mattel continues its Thomas and Friends/DC Comics mashup with a new set that features Thomas the Tank Engine as Clark Kent and Diesel as Bruce Wayne.