Mattel hopes its new Hot Wheels Infinite Loop mobile game will draw older fans back

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Mattel hopes its new Hot Wheels Infinite Loop mobile game will draw older fans backMattel has a plan which it hope will draw back some of the older fans of Hot Wheels. For that it will use a new mobile video game – Hot Wheels Infinite Loop.

Mattel Creative has been working 18 month on the game. It will be free-to-play and will include lots of Hot Wheels cars in virtual form. For now it’s going to be exclusive to iOS and the Apple Store.

The game is for over 16-years-olds and will feature in-app purchases, ads and so on. Infinite Loop also features cars, characters and other content from the real world Hot Wheels.

“We constantly have new toy players who are kids, we have half a billion of them a year, so we have that solved,” Mattel’s head of digital, Andrew Chan told ToyNews. “On the games side, and on the nostalgic side for people who grew up with Hot Wheels like us, there’s not much on digital to experience in the way we like to play games: multi-player, action-based, competitive games with progression. We wanted to fill that gap.”

Mattel is hoping that the game will remind older fans of the great times they had with their Hot Wheels cars. The company hopes to bring some of them back to the brand. Maybe they can become collectors of Hot Wheels. Some of their models can worth a pretty penny in a few years. Or simply to remind them of the joy of collecting.