Mattel brings together digital and physical play with the new Hot Wheels id

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Mattel brings together digital and physical play with the new Hot Wheels idMattel wants to show everyone that digital and physical games can complement each other. The company introduces the new Hot Wheels id to showcase that.

Hot Wheels id combines the classic tracks and cars with a digital app. You can scan each of the compatible cars and have their digital versions in the app.

You can then build a physical Portal track to play with the cars as you normally would. The track can keep times, laps and other performance data, including speed, and send it to the app. This way you can have time-trial races with friends from all over.

You can also play with the virtual versions of your cars in the app. There are additional digital tracks for online multiplayer races.

“Hot Wheels began innovating vehicle play over 50 years ago and now, we are doing it again with Hot Wheels id,” said Chris Down, chief design officer at Mattel. “While the brand is no stranger to digital play, this is the first time our fans will be able to keep track of top-speeds, races-won, and challenges-completed with Hot Wheels id die-cast in the physical world.

“Then, they can collect, manage and race the same cars in the digital world. This revolutionary Mixed Play experience enables kids of all ages to take on challenge like never before.”

In order to to all of this, you need the Hot Wheels id cars. Each is 6.99 British pounds a pop and the Race Portal track is 49.99 British pounds. You can also get a full on Smart Track Kit for 159 British pounds. This one allows you to use your existing cars and tracks and incorporate them into the digital world.