Mattel becomes the master toy partner for Fast & Furious

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Mattel becomes the master toy partner for Fast & FuriousMattel is the new master toy partner for the popular movie franchise Fast & Furious. The company will make a new line of themed toy vehicles and playsets.

Fast & Furious has become a global phenomenon. The movie franchise is one of the biggest worldwide and it has a huge fan base.

Naturally, the interest for Fast & Furious toys is also quite big. So, toy companies were fighting for the opportunity to be partners with the film studio. The battle was won by Mattel, ToyNews reports.

The company is the new master toy partner and will be taking full advantage of that. It will lead the charge with new scale model cars from the movies. This includes the upcoming Fast & Furious 8 which is set for release in 2017.

New toys, brands and innovations

The rollout will include other brands as Jada Toys. Jada will also be offering diecast models and they are scheduled to be in time with the new movie. So, you can expect the first big wave of Fast & Furious toys somewhere around March and April of 2017.

“We are thrilled to creatively partner with Universal to unveil an all-new toy line inspired by the iconic vehicles and action-packed stunts from the Fast & Furious films,” said Susie Lecker, Mattel’s Executive Vice President & Chief Brand Officer, Toy Box Division.

Mattel will also try to expand its toys a bit. It is preparing a new type of “innovative toy line”, but the company is not revealing details about it just yet. “The collection is truly innovative and will bring the Fast & Furious experience to a new level of interaction, allowing fans to play out their favorite movie scenes with dynamic modern designs and industry-first toy features”, Lecker added.

The Fast & Furious franchise has earned more than $3.9 billion in the global box office. Furious 7 grossed more than $1.5 billion as the sixth-highest-grossing film ever.