Mattel and WWE will allow you to create your own Superstar

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Mattel and WWE will allow you to create your own SuperstarMattel and WWE announced they will be making a new toy line which will allow fans to create their own unique Superstars action figures and rings. The lines are almost ready.

One of them will be called Create A Superstar and the other one will be Create A Ring. They will allow fans to build unique WWE superstars and rings in almost any type and configuration.

The rings can be made with more than 30 different parts. You can mix and match turnbuckles, ropes, mats, posts, aprons and many more to create the exact type of ring you want, including ones that are unique just for you.

The same can pretty much be done with the Create A Superstar action figures, too. You can switch body parts, ring gear, battle gear and so on. Add an unique look and abilities to your own superstar. Then mix and match them with other superstars to create teams, opponents, dream matches and so on.

Both lines were first shown off during the 2015 Toy Fair. But now they are pretty much ready and the first units are already out.

There is also a playset coming with the entrance stage. It features a place for a tablet to act as a Titantron, there are lots of breakaway parts to make the action even more realistic. Check out the sets in action in the video below: