Mattel and Autodesk will allow you to design your own toys

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Mattel and Autodesk will allow you to design your own toysEver wanted a toy but you couldn’t have it? Or it didn’t even exist? Mattel and Autodesk will allow you to design your own toy and create it with a 3D printer.

The two companies announced they have formed a partnership to create an entire platform to “inspire kids’ and fans’ unlimited imaginations”. It will also “unlock the creative keys to the toy factory”.

How will all this work? The companies will develop a few mobile apps that will be ready in the second half of this year. Through these apps users will be able to personalize already made toys by Mattel. There will also be an option to design your very own toy from the ground up.

At this current time the companies aren’t giving much details about what options will there be. They say they will unveil the details as the release of the app approaches.

What we do know is that the toys you have designed on your own will be possible to make using 3D printers. You don’t even have to buy a 3D printer. Mattel will set up a platform what will allow you to send the request with your toy and the company will have it 3D printed and sent out to you. Prices for this pleasure are still not known.

“The exclusive collaboration aims to bring hands-on design experiences to support an interactive learning environment through fun apps so that kids can also learn while they play”, the companies are saying.

“We’re constantly inspired by the passion and creativity we see among kids around the world,” said Doug Wadleigh, senior vice president and global brand general manager, Toy Box, Mattel. “Technology is changing daily and by harnessing Mattel’s expertise in play and Autodesk’s expertise with creative apps and 3D printing, we’re able to offer a new kind of 3D design experience, continuing the Mattel legacy of inspiring imagination and creativity.”

The first in a series of new apps is scheduled to launch in the second half of 2015 along with a dedicated online hub for Mattel’s 3D printing initiatives. Additional details and information will be announced at a later date.

You may not exactly be able to make stuffed animals with these apps, but we have to admit, they do sound pretty cool. It could be like a second childhood.