Marvel Tsum Tsum stuffed animals get their own mobile game

Marvel Tsum Tsum stuffed animals get their own mobile gameMarvel’s Tsum Tsum stuffed animals, made by Disney, now have their own mobile game. The game features Iron Man, Thor, Loki, Green Goblin and many more.

Japan’s social networking service and mobile gaming provider Mixi is the creator of the new game. It features Marvel’s top characters, but in their Disney Tsum Tsum plush toy form.

The game is a puzzle where you have to connect and erase things to win. For example you have to connect three or more heroes to combine their powers.

This way you can fight the given round’s villain. Developers NHN PlayArt Corp. and XFLAG also revealed a multiplayer battle mode, which allows two players to team up against the villain for greater rewards.

The fun part is that you can see your favorite Marvel Tsum Tsum stuffies in the virtual world and play with them. The company also showed a new video which reveals more about the game.

The Marvel Tsum Tsum is already available for iOS and Android. The game is free to play, but there are in-app purchases on offer.