Marshall library will host a New Year’s stuffed animal sleepover

Marshall library will host a New Year's stuffed animal sleepoverStuffed animal sleepovers can be a great way for your stuffies to meet some new friends. Plus they get to experience some new stuff. This year Marshall Public Library in Marshall, Texas will host their first Stuffed Animal Sleepover.

It will be on Dec. 30th, so your stuffies get to celebrate the New Year a bit sooner than you. The event will start at 6:30 p.m. on Dec. 30 when children and parents can bring their stuffed animals.

There will be a portion of the event where you get to stay with your stuffies. This will include story time and entertainment from Aaron Godwin and his puppet.

Then visitors will leave their stuffed animals at the library for the night. Children and their parents will be able to pick up their stuffies at 10:30 a.m. on Dec 31. They will be able to have breakfast with their stuffies and watch pictures of what the stuffed animals did during the night.

“This is just for the stuffed animals, they typically get into a lot of nonsense, when no one else looking, so there will be lots of pictures of what will be going on. We’ll take pictures of the children with their stuffed animals, read stories and then tuck them in. The children leave when the library closes and the stuffed animals stay, who knows what they’ll get into”, Felicia Faden, who is Youth Services Manager says to the Marshall News Messenger.

The goal is to make this a yearly event. Children are not required to leave their stuffies overnight if they don’t want to. There will be stand in stuffies available who can participate on their behalf.

“As a former teacher I know that when children aren’t in school their first option isn’t’ to pick up a book and read it,” she said. “We want to do anything to encourage them and that will help them when they go back to school in January.”Parents can register their children by Christmas Eve via phone or in person at the library. For more information call the library at (903) 935-4465.